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TT blade Butterfly Balsa Carbon Lindmäe Special

63.25 €

Product description
Type - OFF+
Plies - 7 (balsa-1/ carbon-2/ abachi-2/ limba-2)
Weight - Fl and AN about 70-72gr. ST is about 89-94 gr.

It is just the right blade fo a player who likes to play fast attacking game. Lindmäe Special Balsa Carbon is a very light blade. Soft balsa tree ensures very good control in fast offensive play, as the blade first grips the ball and then launches the ball like a spring. The moment when the blade “absorbs” the ball is necessary to make sure that you can place the racket under the right angle even when you play fast and direct the ball according to your wishes. If you do it right, it might even feel like the blade plays itself. The carbon layer complements the blade, giving it good sensitivity, which is expressed by the nice sound when you hit the ball. If you glue the perfectly matching spring sponge Tenergy rubbers on the blade, you will have a professional racket with a spring effect!

Available in FL, AN, and ST versions. The grip of ST version are about 1,5 cm longer and the playing surface is bigger.

This blade is available for purchase only from our shop and it is the only product from Butterfly that we can sell worldwide.
The best achievements playing with this blade:

Veterans World Championships: 1 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals
Veterans European Championships: 3 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals

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